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Welcome to the ExtJS-DatePickerPlus Demo

Multimonth, Multiselect, WeekNumbers, Holidays, Custom CSS Days ... and much more!

by Marco "Lubber" Wienkoop

Move your Mouse over the Toolbar(-Trigger)-Buttons to show a Tooltip with each config-settings.

Click on them to play with the DateMenus and DateFields or use the fixed DatePicker on the right

Multiselect works as ususal with the CTRL Key (add to selection) and SHIFT Key (range selection).

Comments and Bugreports are welcome. Please post them in the Ext-Forum-Thread for DatePickerPlus. Thank you.



Version 1.4.3 released on 2011/03/18

-- All scripts have passed the jslint-test! :)--

Main Class (Ext 3.3.x/3.2.x/3.1.x/2.3/2.2.x compatible) Version
Ext.ux.DatePickerPlus Main Files(Full Source incl. Minified Version) V 1.4.3 (Eng, UTF-8)
Release Notes / Documentation V 1.4.3
Localizations (inlcude these after main file) Version
English locale+ US Holidays (for own translations) V 1.4.3 (Eng, UTF-8)
German locale+Holidays V 1.4.3 (Ger, UTF-8)
Russian locale+Holidays (thanks to WhiteRussian) V 1.4.3 (Rus, UTF-8)
Italian locale+Holidays (thanks to andreabat) V 1.4.3 (Ita, UTF-8)
Dutch locale+Holidays (thanks to walldorff) V 1.4.3 (Ned, UTF-8)
French locale+Holidays (thanks to dubdub) V 1.4.3 (Fra, UTF-8)
Norwegian bokmål locale+Holidays (thanks to Alex Brasetvik) V 1.4.3 (Nor, UTF-8)
Spanish locale+Holidays (thanks to erzsebet) V 1.4.3 (Esp, UTF-8)
Romanian locale+Holidays (thanks to radubrehar) V 1.4.3 (Rom, UTF-8)
Japanese locale+Holidays (thanks to itheart) V 1.4.3 (Jap, UTF-8)
Polish locale+Holidays (thanks to maboch) V 1.4.3 (Pol, UTF-8)
All locale Files V 1.4.3 (UTF-8)